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Digital Black Lit (Literatures & Literacies) and Composition or DBLAC is a digital network of Black graduate students in the United States, formed in May 2016 at the Digital Media and Composition Institute (DMAC) at The Ohio State University. We are comprised of graduate students who self-identify as Black in the fields of Literacy Studies, Literature, Writing Studies, Rhetoric, English Studies, Creative Writing, Digital Humanities, and other related fields. This network provides safe spaces for members to testify to, discuss with, and share support for each other in response to the continued marginalization of Black bodies in academia. DBLAC also acts as a learning community for professional development, networking, and resource-pooling aimed at the academic retention and success of its members.    


We will establish and sustain a safe space for members to support each other in our scholarly, teacherly, and community pursuits, where they can also discuss topics related to their fields of study.

We will draw on our personal and academic lived experiences to share and build narratives that we hope will encourage the presence and engagement of Black bodies within higher education.

We will foster a learning community where members are able to present their ideas, research, and writing amongst emerging scholars as a means of professional support and development.

   We will encourage collaboration within our communities through our presence at (in-person and digital) events, both our own and those facilitated by organizations that support our mission.